Applied Contemporary Christian Music

The format and style of today’s church music has changed tremendously as time progressed. Many churches, regardless of denomination, have adopted contemporary Christian music as their normal service segment. Learning about the traditional hymnal will no longer draw the heart of youths and the next generation to come. Studies in contemporary Christian music will fine-tune musicianship, performance skills, working with other musicians, and develop musical tools to be a pioneer within the contemporary culture. This program is designed to prepare you to utilize in today’s church worship ministry in a wide range of stylistic categories.


The ACCM certificate program will prepare students for many performance opportunities that are found in every church and Christian community, and provides private lessons as well.

The ACCM certificate program emphasizes not only the performance aspects but also, the musicianship as an individual leader. We expect each student to be challenged and ready to grow and further his or her gift as a musician.

Each student will be trained to be a well-rounded musician who has a professional balance of musical creativity, and sensitivity spiritually.

The ACCM certificate program requires that all students take on a leadership role through the Modern Worship Leadership program to train worship leaders musically.

ACCM will develop the student’s musical and/or vocal performance skills and give a solid foundation of contemporary music theory along with their application in a contemporary worship setting. Students will experience hands-on training in rehearsal techniques, arranging, and worship leadership.

The ACCM certificate program will guide students to discover their gift and strength from God while developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ Knowledge of God’s word, and express the heart of worship through music. Graduates will be well prepared to serve in a contemporary church setting in positions such as worship leader, arranger, song writer, music minister, worship arts director or simply as musician.