Bachelor of Theology

BCCAS offers an undergraduate degree in theology.
The goal of the Bachelor of Theology program is to equip students with biblical knowledge and to prepare them.
Additionally, BCCAS mentors students to become leaders within their churches, schools and community.


  • Applicant should submit the completed application packet with a proof of satisfactory completion of high school or an equivalent secondary school with grade average “C” or above.
  • A non-refundable $300 application fee must be accompanied with the application.
  • In addition, the applicant must meet our English proficiency standards. This may be done by submitting satisfactory TOEFL scores or ESL scores from accredited schools.

DIVISION OF BIBLICAL STUDIES: Bachelor of Theology – 121 Units

First Year

Fall Spring
 OT101 Old Testament History and Literature 3  NT101 New Testament History and Literature 3
 BL101 Introduction to Bibilcal Languages 3  OT201 Pentateuch 3
 EN101 College Success 3  MT101 College Mathematics 3
ST101 Intro to Systematic Theology 3  PT101 Introduction to Practical Theology 3
 PFM101 Practical Field Ministry 2  PFM102 Practical Field Minstry 2
14 TOTAL 14

Second Year

Fall Spring
OT202 Historical Books of Old Testament 3  OT203 Historical and Literary Study of Prophets 3
NT201 Synoptic Gospels 3  NT202 Book of Acts 3
EN111  English Composition I 3  EN121 English Composition II 3
ST201 Systematic Theology I: Christology 3  MS101 Missiology 3
 MU101 Music Appreciation 3  SO101 Introduction to Sociology 3
 PFM103  Practical Field Ministry  2  PFM104 Practical Field Ministry 2
 17  TOTAL  17

Third Year

Fall Spring
 NT203 Letters of Paul 3 OT301 Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament  3
 GE101 Speech 3 NT301 Johannine Literature  3
 MU201 Contemporary Christian Music 3 PS101  General Psychology  3
 ST202 Systematic Theology II: Pneumatology 3 PT201  Preaching (Homiletics)  3
 PFM105 Practical Field Ministry 2 PFM106 Practical Field Ministry  2
 14  TOTAL  14


Fourth Year

Fall Spring
 OT302 Apocolyptic Literature 3  NT302 Hebrews & General Epistles  3
 HS201 Global or Western Civilization History 3  HS301 Church History  3
 CO101 Family Counseling 3 CL101 Computer Literacy  3
ST203 Systematic Theology III: Eschatology 3 SP201 Theology of Spiritual Formation  3
 PFM107 Practical Field Ministry 2 PT301 Liturgy, History, and Transformation  3
PFM108  Practical Field Ministry  2
14 TOTAL 17


Summary Credits
General Education 36
Biblical and Theological Studies 51
Ministry Formation 16
Professional Development 18