Student Services

Counseling Services

Academic counselors are available to provide services at the beginning of each semester. Spiritual counseling for Individuals, groups, or married couples is available by appointment, at no cost, from one of our professional and compassionate pastors.


The BCCAS library supports the mission of the college and enhances the educational goals of the college. The collection compliments the courses in philosophy, theology, music, and biblical studies. The library houses a wide range of religious studies books and materials in both Korean and English language.

Students are invited to use the resources in the library. The collection includes over 6500 books, including reference, Christian theology, Bible history, Spirituality, History of the Church, philosophy, music studies, art, basic English language and ESL materials, history, sociology, and other subjects.

Ministry Formation (Christian Life Training)

For purposes of balancing theology with faith, all students are required to serve in various positions of worship in our supervised ministry program.

Pastoral Ordination and Missionary Dispatch

The seminary provides opportunities to students to be ordained at various lawful denominations which are not heretical or pagan. If a student wants to serve as a missionary, the seminary helps obtain mission education and supporters for a certain period of time.

Piety Hour

Piety hour is held every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to promote growth and maturity of faith, while balancing with the studies of theology. Faculty or students may lead the hour with prayer and hold meetings when needed.

Graduation & Employment

Students of BCCAS are filled with pride to expand God’s kingdom. Since its establishment in 2003, BCCAS has produced many graduates with undergraduate and graduate degrees. As most of our students are transfer students, we do not have any full-time first year students who entered Fall 2010 and completed within 150% to report.
The number of full-time transfer students (both undergraduate and graduate) who entered Fall 2010 and after and completed within 150% is thirteen; eight bachelor and five master.

All of our graduates are active servant leaders within their churches. One graduate is providing missionary services overseas, three are continuing their education in Christian/Biblical studies, and one is an assistant pastor .