International Students

Studying abroad presents an opportunity to learn and grow unlike any other.
Proper preparation and documentation will ensure you don’t miss the opportunity.
Receiving a student visa to study abroad can be as straight and simple as A-B-C-D

A – Submit Application Form

It all starts with your application. Submit a completed BCCAS application with the application fee and course tuition. (For international students, we require 2 semesters of tuition.)

B – Receive an I-20 Form

Upon acceptance of a foreign applicant, BCCAS will send you all necessary forms, including the I-20 request form.
Please know that BCCAS is authorized by the U.S. government to issue a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) form for foreign visas. This is necessary to obtain an F-1 Student Visa.

C – Visa Interview

Schedule an appointment with the American Embassy or Consulate in your home country of residence to obtain your student visa. When you appear for your interview, the American Consulate may ask you questions about your planned studies in the US. Be prepared to show proof that you intend to return to your country once your course of study has been completed.

D – Get Visa and Go!

When you arrive in the US, Immigration will stamp your I-20 and staple an I-94 white card into your passport. Please keep these documents safe as they are evidence of your legal arrival into the US. You will need to present these documents to BCCAS to complete your registration process.

BCCAS is firmly committed to providing an enriching learning experience. If you have any specific visa or travel related questionsor concerns, please email us at :

Documents on needed for Enrollment

  • Application form
  • Residence registration transcript
  • Certificates and Transcription
  • Passport copy
  • Certificate of bank balance $ 20,000.00

Financial information

  • Application Fee: $300.00 (Non-refundable)
  • Tuition: See catalog for Refund Schedule for continuing students only
  • Tuition: New students are not eligible for tuition refund
  • Tuition is $3600 per semester for Bachelor program
  • (continuing students), Fall & Spring Semesters offered
  • Tuition is $3600 for the first semester